Fishing for the Future

Port Lincoln Sardine is proud to be a part of the South Australian Sardine Industry Association. The fishery implements a framework of sustainable harvest strategies that minimises our footprint on the ecosystem.

Purse Seine Fishing

Sardines are found using a sonar and caught at night using the Purse seine method which a net is deployed around a school of sardines, the bottom of the net is then closed off and the excess net is hauled back onboard the vessel. The remainder (the bag) is drawn alongside the vessel, the sardines are then removed from the bag into the refrigerated seawater holds to keep them fresh until processing.


The purse seine method minimises environmental impact as the net is only deployed once a suitable school of sardines is found, as a result there is little to no by catch. Our skipper and crew are highly trained and environmentally conscious and mindful of preserving fish stocks for future generations so you can be rest assured that when purchasing Port Lincoln Sardine products that every effort has been made to ensure the preservation of the South Australian sardine and the environment they dwell in.